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Breeding And Biotechnology Of Flowers

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Flowers are the precious gift which beautify the nature through its different colours and enhance human health. Ornamental plants provide environmental security for immediate living surroundings, thus intensive research in floriculture particularly on the crops were initiated earlier. This book will vividly highlights genetical and breeding application in flower crops covering wide range of aspects. Breeding techniques are largely focused around expediting the production of superior and stable lines in the case of self pollinating crops. Wide hybridization, tissue culture and mutagenesis are employed by breeders to generate new alleles. Broaden available genetic resources; molecular markers are used to assist breeders through marker assisted selection and to identify quantitative trait loci for traits of interest. The book makes the knowhow of breeding in its easiest way to the readers. It has been designed to cover all the aspects of breeding, the basic objectives, different breeding methods, methodology for improvement of specific crops, stress resistance, quality improvement, mutagenesis, molecular breeding and genetic engineering.

Genetic Prehistory In Selective Breeding

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Long before Mendel's ground-breaking discoveries about heredity, sheep breeders in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries were transforming the appearance and qualities of their livestock by combining various traits of body and wool into new patterns. Exploiting what were then novel procedures - individual trait selection, close inbreeding and progeny testing - they demonstrated inheritance from both sexes and showed how it could be stabilized. This remarkable book examines how sheep breeding contributed to the early knowledge of heredity and how the theory was pursued during the early nineteenth century in Brno, where Mendel would later define the basis of genetics. Drawing from extensive records and scientific and social literature, the authors tell the fascinating story of experimental sheep breeding from a pan-European perspective, stressing its progress through empirical discovery and the spread of Merino sheep into northern Europe and Australia. The book provides detailed coverage of the Brno Sheep Breeder's Society and its role in the development of ideas about heredity, a comprehensive review of Robert Bakewell's sheep breeding achievements, and the impact of this work on Mendel's own education and professional research. This profound and entertaining work is destined to be a classic for historians and students of science as well as practitioners in all areas of scientific study.

How To Build A Ladybug Breeding Business (special Edition)

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In clear, easy-to-grasp language, the author covers many of the topics that you will need to know in order to launch and run a successful business venture.


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